Types of support

First Line Support

First line support would normally be your IT guy at work who fixes everything and sometimes hits an issue which requires escalation. If you don’t have an IT guy at the office hen we would be able to take your first line support calls and hopefully resolve your issue quickly. If not you can be sure that our third line support specialists are tenacious and don’t like to leave an issue unresolved.

Second Line Support

Second line support would normally be your IT Manager who has in depth knowledge of your systems and their configuration but on occasion hit a snag which requires escalation to a 3rd line support specialist. If you don’t have an IT Manager at the office then we would be able to take your second line support calls and hopefully resolve your issue quickly. If not you can be sure that our 3rd line support specialists are making notes and logging the event in our ConnectWise system so that all of our support technicians are aware of your issue at the same time.

Third Line Support

Nubis 365 only has 3rd line support engineers so you can be certain that your issue is being dealt with by a trained, qualified and knowledgeable individual who will be able to sort out your issue. We have a team of third line support specialists who are all connected with our ConnectWise systems.

Onsite Support

On site IT Support. If you have a problem and your systems are down for whatever reason you may need an IT support person on site to support you. We are well versed with production issues, fire damage, water damage and can get you on your feet quicker than you would think. We also support IT audits and IT security audits giving you peace of mind.

Remote IT Support

What do we mean when we say – Remote IT Support?

In the modern office the computer or PC is an essential tool like a typewriter was in the good old days. Did I say ‘Good’ I believe I used more corrector ribbon than ink ribbon when I worked in a school as Head of IT. The pupils had far better kit than the office staff back then.

Remote IT support is exactly as it says. We can support all of your IT issues remotely in the first instance and if there is an issue which requires one of us to be on site we kick in to the standard engineering work by visiting and resolving the issue.

We have an excellent supply base for all IT equipment and often can get the part same day. Alternatively we would deliver the parts to your premises and then we would pop along and fit them for you.

On the front page of our website is a button which allows you to connect with us.

We can then take over your machine and help you to get where you need to be.

If there are issues with the machine we can tell you what is wrong and how it can be fixed.