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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are increasingly in demand as technologies change and software licencing management becomes more and more complex.

When everything is working the feeling is good but when things go wrong frustration quickly sets in. Down time can have a serious effect on the morale of your team and a dodgy VPN setup can be a real hair losing experience.

You will have direct access to third line support engineers who have not forgotten their first and second line support skills.

Each of our team members undergoes continual training in their particular specialist field ensuring that our customers are exposed to the latest technologies, often before they are released to the market.

All of our team are very well versed in IT security so you can be certain that we are always thinking of your network and Internet security when we are considering solutions to problems.

As the owner of a business I would want to know that the following areas of my business are sound and have excellent performance.

IT Security

IT security is paramount to your business and the field is both wide and deep.

Nubis 365 is partnered with Sonicwall and this hardware deals with all of your company routing and firewall architecture.


Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a very handy bit of software and can help handle many security risks at the machine level. . It does a great job of making sure that vulnerabilities are exposed and highlighted to the user. 

Anti Virus Solution

With everything being online In today’s world The possiblity of getting a virus is quite high, However with Anti Virus software you can prevent this. 

Nubis365 Will look after your Anti virus software and make sure you are using up-to date and reliable software 

Software Licences

In Any company you need software, From your basic word proccesing to your more advance design software or accounts. 

Nubis365 Take this on and orgnise all your licence for you to make sure you have the right software for the right job. 

Office 365

We have all Used a word processor or an excel sheet before, Office 365 ties all these apps together with your email to make a seamless suite of tools. 

Nubis365 Will look after all your licencing and any problems you may have with 365.  

Mobile Network Performance

A short description of this service and how it helps clients.

Other Business Critical Software

A short description of this service and how it helps clients.

Internet Connectivity

The Internet is Everything now days, From day to day working to your online meetings, Internet is the new backbone to a modern company.

Nubis365 can get you connected and running with partners Ubiquity,draytek and cisco. 

Network Connectivity & Switch Configuration

After getting Yourself Hooked up to the internet you need to controll it. 

Nubis365 are able to do the running work for you and get your switches and network setup.

Telephone System Performance

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Safe VPN working and remote working

If you have remote workers, very common these days, or you have ‘special’ access from your support company then you will be using a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is an ideal way to give your employees or technical support access to your network securely. MFA or Multi Factor authentication is becoming more and more common and many users do opt for using MFA via their mobile telephone or works telephone

Power Bi Reports

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Printers are accessible

Printers are An essental to a bussines with day to day documents needing to be printed or scanned. 

Nubs365 Will set up your Printers and Maintain them so they are always ready to go.

User Training

Having all this tech is Good, However if you do not know how to use it, it is usless. 

Nubis365 can offer your compnay training on how to use an app or device. 
Only on specifc plans, Email for more info*