IT Security

IT Security

IT security is paramount to your business and the field is both wide and deep.

Nubis 365 is partnered with Sonicwall and this hardware deals with all of your company routing and firewall architecture.

That however is just the start.

A robust firewall solution will keep most attackers at bay but the system must be patched when required and updated when required. This is the ‘Managed’ part from our point of view. We will ensure that your firewall is updated regularly and we will apply all vulnerability updates as and when they are released.

A good Anti virus solution is essential in any business and it too needs to be managed to ensure that any updates are translated to desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This can be a tricky process and may require a bit of ‘education’ on the part of the user. Our training is second to none and we will ensure that the user is aware of any ‘How to’ documents that are available.

Education for your team is the only real way to ensure that your IT systems are safe and even then the potential for an attack is fairly high. Email is one of the biggest threats as users can be enticed into clicking a link or opening an attachment and then clicking a link which will lead to a program being allowed to circumvent any and all security that is in place. Phishing is very common and it is easy to get caught out. A good percentage of our IT support desk tickets are spent checking suspicious looking emails. We would much rather receive a query about a suspicious email than spend a silly amount of time cleaning up after being hit by ransomware.

That brings us to the mitigation side of things. We work to the ISO 27001 standard and we have very robust response plans for ransomware and other IT security incidents and of course our clients benefit from our use of and adherence to the standard.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a very handy bit of software and can help handle many security risks at the machine level. It is machine specific and is not designed to be plugged straight into the telephone line without additional security. It does a great job of making sure that vulnerabilities are exposed and highlighted to the user. Windows Firewall will happily run as you work and you should not have to do too much playing with the default settings. If we need to modify the access on Windows Firewall we will document this as part of your company ‘How To’ documentation. If you get stuck you can always email our IT support helpdesk. If you cannot email then you can call us on 01536 428937.

IT security can be a headache for any business but with the correct managed services in place you can be confident that a conscientious team is keeping a close eye on things whilst you are running your business.

Safe VPN working and remote working

Is your VPN methodology safe and sound.

If you have remote workers, very common these days, or you have ‘special’ access from your support company then you will be using a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is an ideal way to give your employees or technical support access to your network securely. MFA or Multi Factor authentication is becoming more and more common and many users do opt for using MFA via their mobile telephone or works telephone.