Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning used to be called Disaster Recovery planning in the good old days when we did not have a robust Internet. We had many meetings with ‘Disaster Recovery’ centres who would effectively copy your environment onto a network which was remote and your team would need to move there until the disaster had been fixed. I have never actually seen one of these in use but they are impressive quiet buildings.

Today we would be much more reliant on the Internet and would attempt to mitigate against failings there.

If you do still run servers internally then we are back to the good old fashioned redundancy methods such as RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. (Relative to the rest of the server hardware of course), failover duality where we would attempt to make critical items safe by backing them up with virtual items, UPS and battery back up systems, backup and recovery devices etc.


In the world of today we have the Internet and provided you have a robust solution your connectivity should have a very low failure rate. Clearly the cloud is now alive and well despite an IT tech recently reminding me that the cloud does not really exist :).

If you can get away from the technical understanding of how a network functions it is clear that it is now possible to use services such as AWS or IONOS to generate a robust cloud solution provided that you have a robust Internet solution.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is an amazing array of web based kit which you can use to run your business in the cloud : AWS

IONOS offer an array of services and to be fair their pricing structure is very good for the smaller business 1 – 30 employees. IONOS

MicroSoft of course have a number of offerings particularly using Azure although we have found this to be an expensive exercise it is first class. MicroSoft

There are of course others but this is not a site for advertising everyone.

We would make the decision as to which we believe is the best solution for your business and because we have a thorough understanding of these services you can be certain that you get the right one at the right price.