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With Microsoft solutions we can help you work at anytime, from anywhere, across all devices.

Office 365

The world works differently today. Discover best in class productivity with Office 365. Experience a consistent, familiar and synced experience across your phone, tablet and desktop.


Office 365 is automatically kept up to date. You will never have to worry about missing the latest features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more ever again. No matter where you are working from and whether on your computer, tablet or phone, Office 365 helps you stay productive. Having the ability to add users and services as you need means you are in complete control of your investment.

At Nubis, we focus on finding the right Office 365 solution for your business by getting to know how you work. Our mission is to help you be more productive, collaborate better and save time & money.


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, designed with multiple integrated services to help you move faster, achieve more, and save money. It is a complete solution.


Azure is designed to make your life easier. You can achieve more with this cloud platform that seamlessly connects with all devices and Office 365. Any developer or IT professional can be productive with Azure.

The Azure solution is open and flexible and will work with your existing infrastructure. You can scale as you need to and it is all pay as you go.

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